Hi! It’s me, Lisa Gurney, the arteest behind Xisa Pottery (pronounced zee-suh; more on that later). I’ve been interested in art and making things ever since I can remember. RoseArt craft kits, Klutz friendship bracelet books, those fuzzy velvet posters you could color… even that little personal plastic pottery wheel — I love(d) it all.

I began taking community pottery classes in April of 2017, as a creative outlet outside of my day job as a graphic designer, and have been addicted ever since. I’m lucky enough to have my studio space in my own home in Jacksonville, Florida (with AC - hallelujah!). Having grown up in Oregon, my work is greatly influenced by nature and the landscapes of the pacific northwest.

Oh, and Xisa comes from the time my best friend Jill dressed up as Xena, the Warrior Princess for Halloween. Naturally, she became Xill and I became Xisa, and it’s stuck ever since.



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